What We Love To Do

Who we can help

  1. Baby boomers ready to downsize, organize and simplify their lives

  2. Empty nesters who would like to adapt their space to their new lifestyle

  3. Seniors moving into a retirement community

  4. Those who want to make the most out of their new living arrangement.

How we begin:

  1. We assist our clients in identifying the changes they want to make, and help them set goals.

  2. We then create a plan of action and a timeline for the accomplishment of these goals.

  3. For clients preparing to move, our advance planning results in a move that goes as smoothly as possible.

We can assist with any or all of the following:

  1. Determining what to keep, give away, auction or donate, and what to responsibly recycle.

  2. Sorting, organizing, labeling and packing belongings according to where they will be placed in the new home

  3. Carefully and safely distributing family heirlooms and finding creative ways to hold on to family treasures

  4. Unpacking and setting up the client’s new home

  5. Transforming the client’s space into a lovely, simplified, organized home in just days


With years of experience we are ready to help you on your journey to a more organized and happy life. We've seen the power that comes from a more organized home and office and can help you achieve the same.

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