Lorraine was recommended when my elderly step-father was no longer able to live in his home for safety reasons.  Arrangements were made for him to move closer to family out of state.  It seemed like an impossible task but in a period of a little over a week, she was able to sort, organize and prepare for movers!  She dealt with my step-father in a calm, stress free manner and made it an easier move for all of us.  She is absolutely amazing!  We never could have done it without her and I would HIGHLY recommend her!!

Best of luck Lorraine and I'm so happy I got to meet you!


From the time I purchased my home (seven years ago), I have been trying to organize it. No matter how much I tried, I could not create a system I liked (or a system at all, honestly.) It was beyond overwhelming. LUCKILY, my sister introduced me to Lorraine. We were at her art show at our mutual friend’s salon. From the moment I met Lorraine, I was blown away. Who was this woman and why was I just meeting her NOW?

Lorraine understands. She gets it. My mind just doesn’t “organize”.  Lorraine has been teaching me how to OVERCOME my lack of organization.  She doesn’t just come in and organize.  Lorraine helped me create a personalized system that is working for me. Even when I’m cleaning/ organizing without Lorraine , I use the techniques and strategies she has taught me. Honestly,  I am grateful to have met Lorraine, and grateful that my family “bought” her for me as a gift. I believe her knowledge and insight put her at the “guru” level, and truly believe she has changed my life! I promise you- if you are thinking of hiring Lorraine- DO IT!

E. Metidieri

Thanks to Lorraine, my little retirement bungalow is comfortable and cozy, while not being crowded.  We moved here, not having seen the place, from out of town.  Lorraine managed to help fit the furniture from a 3 bedroom plus family room condo into a 2 bedroom bungalow.  A few items had to go, but she made suggestions in a way that I could accept.  She can truly work miracles!  She also found places that could use items which I no longer needed.  And she’s also been helpful since, taking clothes, etc. to churches and missions that distribute them to the needy.

Verona Bennetto @ Brickstone on Elmwood

Lorraine was referred to me from a friend to help remove clutter from my life. She was exactly as my friend said- Lorraine quickly got things organized clearing through my stuff, while being non-judgmental & a pleasure to work with in my home.  After Lorraine leaves, I have that ‘feels so good’ feeling of accomplishment & freedom in my home.  I’m serious about this point: paying someone has never been so joyful because she gets results for clarity of my home & my mind.  I cannot stress enough how kind & respectful Lorraine is & how nice she is to work with while doing all the work to clear & organize my house! Thank you to Lorraine- my life saver!


Lorraine…..we would like to thank you for your interest, hard work, wonderful organizational skills and calmness as you worked with us to close down our sister’s apartment after she passed away.  She passed just 2 days before her 98th birthday as you remember so there was MUCH to remove.  You did excellent work for us and knew people to contact to purchase particular items as well as a clean out person and charitable organizations to take items.

We will always remember and appreciate your expertise, care, and sensitivity to us during a most difficult time.

Thank you again and much continued success to you and with your business in the future.

Sincerely, Marlene and Warren

We have a small family run business with 8 employees.  I am the office manager among many other job titles. I am extremely busy and am not the most organized person in the world and knew I needed help. When I heard aboutLorraine's business, she was speaking about home organization so I asked if she did businesses as well. She said absolutely. 

I have to say without exaggeration that it has changed our business and my life. She has made us so organized that I now know where everything is ( I was great at piling things and now don't at all). Before Lorraine's help, I lost so much time looking for things. The transformation is amazing. 

She has also given me tools to keep me organized. I now question items, where they should be stored, if at all. I think differently thanks to Lorraine. 
She has come to the office once a month since October and I don't plan on discontinuing her services anytime soon. (Even though I recently added a new person to help in the office.)

Lorraine's is a highly trained professional and passionate about her work. She does not waste a moment she is here. She is thinking and moving the whole time, in a very smooth and methodical way. It is amazing, really.

Each time she visits, she questions what systems are  working and if anything needs to be changes or modified.  She has helped me think through and put processes in place that were desperately needed. Ones that I had tried, unsuccessfully, to develop on my own for years. She designed a calendar and to do list to help me prioritize.


Before I met Lorraine I was starting to feel like my house was rising up to eat me.  After nine years and three kids in a suburban home, the clothes, toys, and paper had accumulated to the point that I wasn’t comfortable in my own space.  Lorraine literally changed my life.  Working with Lorraine is such a pleasure…she is completely professional and knows how to get the job done quickly and effectively, while also respecting the personal nature of working in a home with someone’s memories and possessions.  My friends and family are amazed now when they visit me.  I am living in my dream house…there is a place for everything and it is all organized so beautifully.  Whether you need to prepare for a move, re-organize your life, or just find space to breathe and enjoy your own home, Lorraine will help you get there.  I am simply overwhelmed with gratitude to Lorraine for giving me my house back!

Laura Rebell Gross

Lorraine helped my siblings and I to organize and downsize my mom’s belongings as we prepared her to move into an “assisted living” apartment.  Lorraine was extremely organized and efficient and helped us to complete this overwhelming task in just a couple of days.  She helped all of us to stay focused on preparing for the move and on helping my mom to make decisions about what she wanted to take with her to the new apartment.  She was extremely sensitive to my mom’s feelings of having to give up so many of her possessions – we were all amazed at how much she was able to get my mom involved in the process.

Lorraine interacted with several family members as we were helping out at different times during the preparations for the move and she was positive and personable with everyone. She also had many great suggestions about how to divide up some of our family treasures.  Her ideas worked well – everyone in the family felt like they had input and that it was a fair process.

Lorraine was a blessing to our family in what could have been a very difficult process. She is extremely professional and I would definitely hire her again!


Lorraine is so skilled in her work that I recommend her without qualification. Her organizing abilities, her knowledge of space and its use, and her appreciation of her client’s wishes combine to make her a star in her field. Count your self totally lucky if you are her client!


Hey Lorraine!  It’s been over a month (almost 2) and the rooms are still going strong!  Thank you again for bringing a little peace to my life.  Sometimes I secretly go in their rooms just to absorb how great they look!

Take care,  Melissa


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